The ePoch Effect - A place where debate is encouraged - women laughing and talking

A place where debate is encouraged

The ePoch Effect - A safe place to share your joys and disappointments - Women Laughing and Holding Eachother

A safe place to share your joys and disappointments

The ePoch Effect - A place where we celebrate each other - Women Jumping and Smiling on a Beach

A place where we celebrate each other

The ePoch Effect - Legacy

Who we are

This site is for women of all ages, ethnicity, and faiths making the journey through life to self-actualization. There will be stories, and more stories reflecting where you are in your present and where you want to be in your future.

The ePoch Effect - Change for Change Makers - Women Standing Together

Taking the Known Path

The path of our life journey is known. It’s our soul craving to realize itself.

Our soul asks us to define who we are and what it is we stand for. It’s the ‘how it unfolds’ which leaves us with many questions. The questions are the choices to be made along the journey.

As an outsider looking in, observing people and the constant curiosity as to why they think the way they do, but not really being a part of the environment around me, I’m at a loss when it comes to the lack of compassion.

In establishing the ePoch Effect, there is fear, slight intimidation, yet, a compelling excitement. I’m curious to see who I evolve into. There is spiritual pull which requires me to be vulnerable to the world with a wisdom, a compassion, a tenderness that others are unable to see.

What does ePoch mean?

The word epoch is defined as a distinctive period in time.

There comes a distinctive period in time in which one’s life goes through a significant change. The circumstances driving these changes are often out of our control. Why this happens is unclear until we have stepped through to the other side of the life unfolding before us.

Coming Into One’s Own

Coming into one’s own occurs in pivotal moments in life. We become secure in our inner strength to make choices for our happiness and affluence. We allow ourselves to be open to everything possible in fulfilling our journey to self-understanding. When we reflect on the collective experiences of the life unfolding before us, we are awestruck as to how far we have come. Awestruck is then followed by guilt as we are consciously aware of our neglect in paying attention to these experiences shaping who we are becoming. We let external factors distract us from being present.

Those who are comfortable hugging a tree, meditating for hours, taking time to absorb the view from a lake, hike a trail, or pursue yoga, are to be envied. They understand the value of time to enjoy just being. They are making time to appreciate the knowledge of coming into one’s own.

The ePoch Effect - Change for Change Makers - Star filled Sky

The Purpose of the ePoch Effect

Coming into one’s own is thwarted by inequality and the choices we make (both consciously and unconsciously). Women understand the daily grind of inequality as it is both overt and subtle. The struggle to find our voice is muzzled with the confusing patronizing messages of the ‘Leave it to Beaver” mom syndrome and the ‘Wonder Woman” syndrome of doing it all.

The core detour of coming into one’s own is economic impoverishment. There are no written rules, yet, young women are expected to know how to cook by the time they are fourteen. Why aren’t young men expected to do this? Why are young girls expected to learn how to sow seeds, hand wash clothes on rocks, and sew socks while their brothers are running around playing soccer and getting the privilege of a school education?

Women feel the emotional pain of economic deprivation in being left behind.

The ePoch Effect will address the profound, troubling effect of inequality on women’s self-esteem, their confidence, their self-acceptance, and their intellect through uplifting stories and education.

The hope is our collective stories will provide comfort to those who feel their light fading.

The hope is to debate how greed is the root of cause inequality.

The hope is to find clarity as to why we concede to inequality.

We concede to inequality (not by choice) because every law in all corners of the globe are written to negatively impact women economically. The grubwork of changing laws to recognize women’s economic worth drags on as Catalyst states:

"The OECD cites leading causes as gender segregation in jobs and schooling, caregiving responsibilities that fall heavily to women, and discrimination and bias."

The purpose of ePoch Effect to see an end to inequality and fairness for all.

Educating Through Compassion

The goal of the ePoch Effect is to build a solution of educational programs to support a community of economically, interconnected women, who, when they are ready can stand together as one voice and also stand on their own as self-sufficient women. The ePoch Effect will promote fairness, and offer humanity guidance on how to respect each other, hold each other accountable, and care for each other. The ePoch Effect commits to helping women attract happiness, and affluence into their lives.

Economic equality is the liberating catalyst from the bondage of poverty and the degradation of women. When we come together as one with a firm affirmation of the power within our why, then we can confidently demand what is in our best interest.

This means refuting labels, hurtful, devaluing language that discourages each other.

We are a community open to learning from each other and lifting each other up.

The ePoch Effect stands for compassion and love.