How You Can Make a Crisis Shelter A Home

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Has a crisis shelter, and foster care failed you? How long do you stand with your hand open for a kind stranger to give you enough money to buy a hamburger? What do you do when a bully steals your coat? Dread takes over your heart. Who can help you? Imagine yourself as an eight-year-old asking this question of yourself.

Where do you go for comfort and support?

Youth homelessness is a result of youth distrustful of where to find safety. Youth who spend two years on the streets remain on the streets. Why? Because they have yet to hear someone say, ‘you are loved.’

That’s why there is Hope House.

Hope House is a community initiative offering transition housing so women and youth can replace self-doubt with ‘you can make it.’  Women and youth in crisis need to feel they belong to a community.

What is the Purpose of Social Responsibility?

Think about the comfort you feel with a secure job, social cohesion with family and friends, and your overall well-being. You’re happy. You feel safe.

Women in crisis also need emotional and economic support. Their full potential as future philanthropists are unlocked with individual and corporate giving towards their personal development. Everyone who takes part benefits.

Shelter Another: You Create Space To Engage Others and Connect.

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The benefit is reciprocal. Increasingly, business and investment-owning families continue to see the value of giving back to their community. In addition to greater brand awareness, participating in charitable work anchors the moral and leadership qualities of the younger generation. This shared purpose impacts across generations. And connects you to what ‘doing good’ truly means to you.

“87% of Americans “will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about, and 76% will refuse to purchase a company’s products or services upon learning it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs.” (The Blueprint)

For this reason, it is key to ask yourself in what unique ways can you build cooperation and align with your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments for the community in which you thrive.

H.O.P.E. is the Transition to a New Life

The acronym H.O.P.E means Her Opportunity for Purpose and Empowerment. A transition towards transformation. The house will be a Supervised Independent Living home for youth aging out of foster care.

The importance of the program is to provide personal development.  This includes two years of housing and educational programs for additional life skills such as book publishing, home buyers’ education and mentors for their next level life milestones.

TXCPWN Crisis Shelter

Be An Integral Part Of Achieving Social Impact

In order to help young women, reach their life milestones, Hope House’s fundraising goal is $50,000. Hope House is looking for corporate partners who want to make a difference in grassroot community growth, revitalization, and development.


The TXCPWN executive team are collaborating with potential partners such as Walmart, Big Lots, Lowes, Legacy CDC, Buckners FYI Center and The Children Scouts to support the vision of emerging H.O.P.E.

As a leader, begin to welcome highly engaged, impact-driven supporters who want a deep connection to the causes they stand behind. Transparency and communication are key areas of focus to show how Hope House’s extended education program(s) will have a lasting effect on community giving.

Hope House: A Shelter From Life’s Storms

Founder, Balinda Cooper, has structured Hope House’s education program with a social, economic, and academic platform to empower young women in crisis. To accomplish this, Hope House will work with three groups in guiding the development process for each young woman or girl.

They are:

  1. TXCPWN’s Volunteer Team who contribute through in-kind donations, training sessions and assist with home improvement projects.
  2. Corporate Partners will collaborate with day-to-day, ongoing operational needs.
  3. Community Support – external organizations will assist in identifying women in crisis who want to stay at Hope House.
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What is the long-term benefit to everyone involved? The student/client gains invaluable knowledge, skills, and tools to equip her to lead a successful life. The mentor gets the opportunity to share wisdom and experience. Lastly, the community itself thrives as each young woman gives back as a confident, productive individual.

Expand to Support A Common Good

Involve everyone. Whether it’s your family or business team, each wants to feel like they are with you making the decision to turn a crisis shelter into a home.

A sustainable future for women and youth enhances community growth and helps you discover what aligns with your values.

Let’s work together to create action through solutions for change.

What creative solutions can you or your business team inspire Hope House to meet its’ fundraising goal of $50,000?

What creative solutions can you or your business team inspire Hope House to meet its’ fundraising goal of $50,000?

For more details on Hope 3D Transition Housing, contact:
Balinda Cooper or
Rita Simmons


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